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  1. Morningrise

    -Enemy Magic Res/Magic Skill Damage?

    Yeah, true enough. Though usually one has something that gives shouts/holy shield (if you're not a paladin) on offhand
  2. Hey again, I have been thinking about my hammerdin, and realizing that compared to elemental builds, I can't really gain more damage from skill damage/- to enemy resistance. Sure, I do have the positive aspect of most of the time not caring about mobs resistances, but when there is indeed a mob with magic resistance/immunity, I'm basically just screwed and can't do anything about it. And tbh, I'm fine with that. It's cool if sertain specs have their possitives and negatives, but it's a bit frustrating that there is no such thing as magic skill damage either. Would it be possible to implement, and if so, do you guys think it's a good idea? Right now, what scales my damage is only cast rate and + to skills.
  3. Morningrise

    Server Offline

    Will we be able to respec in 1.10? And if not, will you implement it again some way? It's a very nice thing to have in case you mess up or get tired of a build.
  4. Morningrise

    Assa items

    The kill thing works for traps, yes. And I'm afraid the only rune word worth making whatsoever in normal D2 in any assassin weapon is the one that gives you whirlwind. So not for trap assassin.
  5. Morningrise

    Please Read

    I think Skrotkanon and Sparkman would want 3.0.2 too then. I'll ask them to answer here
  6. Morningrise

    Please Read

    Yeah it sounds like a good solution Aaron. I am on ?
  7. Morningrise

    Please Read

    But wouldn't that mean not having respec at Akara for example? And I assume you mean rebuild the stuff we have done since the most recent launch and not everything, right?
  8. Morningrise

    Char builds on RV

    It all depends on how much the synnergies adds in damage on death sentry/lightning sentry; if the dame is the same, maxing death and lightning sentry is better since you actually use those, I'd say skip charged bolt sentry or take as absolutely last. Shock web can actually be okay while the sentrys are doing work.
  9. Morningrise

    The State of Necromancer

    Hey there, The past few years, before RV was opened again, I tried out a few necro builds, and realized none of them are very good atm. I tried going bone/summoner, but both the summons and the bone spells did very little damage/had too little hp, and it was the same even if I went all in on one of the trees. Now I'm trying poison necro, and I'm not all too impressed either. With extreme gear, I'm sure most things are viable, but I feel the whole Necromancer class is at a low right now. Especially so since there are a lot of gear, and not to mention "old" RV runes that just give curses on attack/striking (but those are getting removed anyways). What I'm getting at is that I believe we are making the Necromancer even weaker by not having their whole curse tree really mean anything, since anyone can have whatever curse they like on attack anyways. It's kinda the same with auras too, really, while if there wasn't much gear that allow other classes to cast curses/have auras, it'd encourage people to play more together, and to, as this post is pointing at, play Necromancer more because of their very neat curse tree. Cool gear with a lot of properties and auras and such are really exciting, but then again, aren't we heading in the way of removing the uniqueness of the classes? What do you guys think?
  10. Morningrise

    Item suggestion: Amaz Dreambootz

    I assume you mean +1 to all of the fire OR cold shots in the bow/crossbow skill tree, +1 - 3 increased speed (the barbarian skill?), and blessed aim on equipped, and not gain the ability?
  11. Morningrise

    Fire Druid

    I was also thinking the other day... Isn't the "you can't use elemental skills while shape shifted"-block kinda stupid? I mean it's a hybrid spec where you'd have to spec half in shape shifting and half in elemental, so it probably wouldn't be very good anyways. Is there any way canceling the block so you can use elemental skills like summoning skills, while shape shifted?
  12. Morningrise

    Going to Rush my Assasin!!!

    Ouch, got up an hour ago. Bad timing
  13. Morningrise

    Even higher skill caps

    To be honest, I feel like specific skills should have specific caps. This'd prevent the problem of fire sorceress becoming even better by making it's skill cap 40/50, while raising the ones that need a buff only.
  14. Morningrise

    Official: New Properties

    Couldn't you just have "+ x to summon 'whatever'"? But I guess this'd be more of a general summoner property, for example buffing Valkyries, and even sorceress's hydras? instead of only one specific summon.
  15. Morningrise

    Fist of the Heavens

    I've also always thought FotH is cool, but yeah, kinda useless. It even has one of those small "hidden" cd's which greatly reduces cast speed, kinda like frozen orb. This makes me feel it maybe was inteded to be pretty strong, but yeah, it isn't. A healing aspect would absolutely be cool, I'd love fist of the heavens to be a viable skill. I also know you made pretty cool Vengeance items back in the day, I mostly remember a paladin shield that gave meditation on equip, then + to all resist auras and more, but unfortunately Vengeance still took so much mana that meditation didn't help enough, and it still didn't make quite a lot of damage. There are a lot of skills like this I feel where it'd be cool to try tweak the numbers on, like Armageddon and even Hurricane. Hurricane was good in normal D2, but even with lots of synnergies it just doesn't do enough damage on RV, and Armageddon has just never been good due to it's very spread out area and low damage therefore. Maybe make the area smaller and raise damage?