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  1. Aaron


    Empire XP is a risk style game created by: http://www.janbuurstrasoftware.com Download: http://www.janbuurstrasoftware.com/download.htm
  2. Aaron

    Realm Venom Patch

    Here are the known patches that have been released over the years. They are available to download, because why not! The last one released was v2.5.74. More to be uploaded. Realm Venom v2.5.0.zip Realm Venom v2.5.74.zip Realm Venom v1.1.0.zip Realm Venom v2.3.2.zip Realm Venom v2.4.5.zip Realm Venom v1.0.7.zip Realm Venom v1.0.6.zip
  3. Aaron

    Great News!

    So I have painstakingly went through a lot of old hard drives. I FOUND THE OLD RV FILES!!! What this means is I have all of the RV Patches from v1.0 to 2.4! This means we can pull out whatever information we want to use or pickup where we left off.
  4. Aaron

    Official: Runes

    Updated again. 8 left... need feedback on what has been done and what we should do with the others.
  5. Aaron

    Diablo 2 Server

    lol I'll work faster once I have my computer. I'm wanting to redo all the runes and add in some lvl1 to lvl30 uniques/sets (which may be modified items already in the game). Then I want to turn on the server for everyone to start testing and leveling characters. We will then pump out patches with more items, which shouldn't take long. After that it is all about the areas we can go to and some items here and there.
  6. Aaron

    Official: Runes

    Updated Rune Table on main post. Each class has a specific rune tied to them. These will play a big role in crafting class specific items later. They are all the same setup for fairness.
  7. Aaron

    Diablo 2 Server

    I'm glad you all kept enjoying it after all these years. We will however likely rewrite RV from scratch with version 1.13d. This is to allow the new area/bosses, bug fixes and more. I'm making massive changes to the Runes and how we use them. My goal is to rewrite how we play the game. Truly turn it into something that hasn't been done. I'd love to rewrite all of it.
  8. Aaron

    Official: Runes

    Yeah we'll go through the recipes for all of that once we build out all the runes and how many levels we settle on. The good news with this setup we can easily take the same runes and keep expanding their levels. on future patches. It will also be easier for us on keeping the game balanced. As we aren't having 150 different types... we are isolating it down to just 24 that become stronger as the level increases.
  9. Aaron

    Load Screen

    Yeah I can see that too. I have more work I want to do to it. If anyone else works on it, just post your latest version so we can work off it.
  10. Aaron

    Load Screen

    Was playing around.. saw this image on the news and couldn't pass it up... Before: After: What I want to use for login screen... but just an idea tbh.
  11. Aaron

    Official: Runes

    Ding ding.. someone is catching on lol. Glad you see my train of thought. Also keep in mind X # of a lvl of a specific rune will change to the next level (via cube).
  12. Aaron

    Official: Runes

    After looking into it, it is my opinion that Runes from old RV ... just didn't make sense. If you think about it, you have useless ones and great ones, if you can find them. What I'm pondering on, if everyone is cool with it. Is changing from 150 ish runes ... to 24 runes. These are actual legit runes symbols and meanings. What we need to do is pair up skills to each of them. What I want to see is the skills. Not the bonus specifically. We then have level2, 3, 4 and 5 on each of them. Each progressively getting better stats and altering requirements. Example Level1 runes require lvl9 character, regardless of the bonus. Each rune may have a higher difficulty in finding, but they have the same setup. Each rune would have three skills listed, As the rune goes up in level it may activate the 2nd or 3rd skills (properties). Each rune needs to be useful. No one has time for crappy items lol. Example for BodyArmor/Helm... Shield and Weapon may have completely different benefits. Lvl1 has +25% magic find Lvl2 has +50% magic find and mana +25% lvl3 has +75% magic find and mana +50% lvl4 has +100% magic find and mana +75% lvl5 has +100% magic find, mana +100%, +1 to all skills ** I will update the image as we fill it out and based on suggestions for which rune to what property **
  13. Aaron

    Triggers for curses

    Hey you learn something new everyday lol... I stand corrected.
  14. Aaron

    Triggers for curses

    I don't think we can toggle it off. But, we could design the game to allow users dictate what can be added to items. Such as body/helms have a rune/gem/jewel that has the curse. You'd add that to the socket. Instead of having our new items with curses. Old items that have them would remain, but this means we need new items that exceed those items to move towards the new methodology.
  15. Here are the officially suggested and possibly already coded new Properties. These are things like + Skills, + mana on kill, etc. Suggest new ones by replying. We will update this list as we are making them or people suggest them. Those with "*" by the name are non programmed at this time. ====================================================== Increase Exp by 5% Increase Exp by 10% Increase Exp by 25% Increase Exp by 50% Increase Exp by 75% Increase Exp by 100%