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  1. Aaron

    -Enemy Magic Res/Magic Skill Damage?

    When we have a stable v3.1.1 patch released. We can visit new skills and/or modifying skills. The other option is to make gear that allows him to have other skills to fight them. Like a weapon/shield combo that can double for say whirlwind or w/e.
  2. Aaron

    Discord Server

    If you'd like to join Realm Venom's Discord server in order to speak, I have set one up. I will need to buy a new microphone or fine my headphones first lol. https://discord.gg/V5WPsv
  3. Realm Venom Patch 3.1.X series is a D2 v1.10 game patch that is currently under construction. No release date is scheduled at this time. First we are rebuilding everything in the game we already have. We are changing some areas, such as Act2. Additional Software will be available to you, such as Maphack. Things to look forward to: New set of runes that are level based. Meaning the higher the level the higher the stats. New runewords for the new runes. Old runes will no longer drop. Item being added that drops from ubers which can be used for many things. Adding sockets to items Possibly re-rolling an item stats Possibly resetting skills and attribute points Old runewords will still be available, for those who still have old runes. Portal to Duriel has been added. This will make rushing extremely fast. New Areas: PvP Zone Shadow Realm Multiple Cow Levels Hall of Champions (Will be used to make bosses for members who win PvP and other tournies) Hall of Immortals (Unique ubers for those who deserve immortalizing in the game, some past ubers will move here)
  4. Aaron

    New Item Suggestions

    This is something you should keep in mind....
  5. Aaron

    Server Offline

    Trust me ... I know lol
  6. Aaron

    Server Offline

    We can look into it. See what can be done.
  7. Aaron

    Server Offline

    Server is back online. I was able to successfully test out the 3.1.x series patches on the server. If it holds, we will use D2 version 1.10 for series 3.1.x due to what the game allows us to do. It makes creating new areas through portals far easier.
  8. Aaron

    Server Offline

    Doing some maintenance and testing for the 3.1.x series. Will bring online after I finish.
  9. Aaron

    Server offline

    lol I waited for everyone to be off the server.
  10. Aaron

    Server offline

    Server is back up now. I'm done testing for now.
  11. Aaron

    Server offline

    I'm doing some maintenance on the server. You might be able to reconnect randomly throughout this process. I would advise against trying to create games during said time. I have made a backup of the characters and accounts. When I'm finished, I'll overwrite all character files at that point in time. In other words, you will lose everything you do during the down time.
  12. Aaron

    Please Read

    It doesn't bother me either way. The game is for you all to have fun on. Hence why I'm asking.
  13. Aaron

    Please Read

    We are reprogramming from scratch either way. What I wanted to know is ... would those playing the game want to be on 2.5.74 or 3.0.2 patch on the server?
  14. Aaron

    Please Read

    Long story short.... lol Revert to 2.5.74 for less bugs while we recode from scratch... Could take some time. Or Leave 3.0.2 active on the server and leave it alone until the new patch is released.
  15. Aaron

    Please Read

    You wouldn't lose anything. It would simply mean our next patch may be several weeks out. First I'll make a backup of all accounts/characters. Second we either drop patch v2.5.74 back on the server to eliminate as many bugs that are in place. Small things like ID Books would go back to 80. Some misc random items I added that no one found... would go away. If major item loss occurs we'd reset back to current patch and then reinject all the character save files we have to overwrite the loss. The 2.5.74 patch would stay on server until the completely reworked successful patch 3.1.x series can go into place. OR We can leave current version with bugs in the game and just rebuild the new patch. Once knew patch backup all acc/chars and try switching to see if any data loss occurs. If so revert to 3.0.2 and continue fixing. Repeat until no loss has occurred. Keep in mind 2.5.74 has very few bugs compared to current patch.